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Chosen Space
Early Closed Alpha

 Space RPG/Strategy game where players are given command of their own ship and let loose into a vast galaxy of star systems and planets.

Operation: Dragon Slayer
Early Development

 Military Strategy. Command your mech-tank across the war torn battlefields of an alternate 1940's Europe.

Ancerious Galaxy
Early Development

 Grand Strategy amongst the stars. Join an incredibly rich ongoing story as you vie for influence and control in a newly discovered galaxy.

Vampire Dawn
Early Development

 Urban Fantasy RPG. Slaughter your way to the top as one of the cities Vampire Lords or join the Resistance and fight to save the human race.


MMO Lab is an online platform that allows anyone to create their own browser based MMO game using a simple graphical interface, without needing a background in programming.
MMO Lab allows anyone to create their own browser based MMO games using a simple graphical interface. The platform is designed to be as simple to use as possible so that even people with no technical skills can bring their vision to life. We want people to be able to build really complex games by taking small, easily understood steps using a Modular system to gradually build up. The end result should be a game that when viewed as a whole is complex but is created by combining numerous simple parts. Once your game is created any member of our community hub can play it, giving the games access to a large pre-existing potential player base.


Why use MMO Lab?

 An easy to use graphical interface and modular design makes creating complex games a straightforward process, not a frustrating impossibility. 


 Our Hub site means you'll always have a wide audience for your game. And friends to play with. 


 The platform supports any genre you'd care to make and an increasing variety of game types. Strategy, RPG, etc... 


 Our intuitive, visual coding tool gives users unmatched control over game content, game mechanics and gameplay. 


 Our universal premium currency lets players buy cool content in any of the games. 


 Our team has designed and launched several of our own games, and will be on hand to offer guidance along the way. 


Games depend on their players, MMOs especially. As anyone who has played an MMO can tell you half the fun comes from the relationships you build in game, and we see no reason that shouldn't extend outside of the games as well. Which is why we're committed to building a strong community through our Hub.
With our Forum and Direct Messaging services it will be easy to stay connected no matter how many games you're playing on our system. Not to mention that all the games published on our Hub will have instant access to thousands of players alongside fellow game developers.

Modular Design

The easy to use graphical interface allows you to pick the modules you want, add them to the game, drag them where you want them and publish.

Visual Coding

Using a visual coding tool you can add customized features to your game and create complex functions with relative ease.

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